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*NEW* Business Card Caddie
Business CardCaddie Vehicle-Outdoor Business Card Holders

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May Special: Receive this Business CardCaddie FREE when you place any order of $30.00 or more (no limit). Please note: do not add the Business CardCaddie to your order, the Shipping Department will add it to your order before shipment.

Have you walked by a parked vehicle with a company’s information printed on it? Have you been interested enough to write down the number…and then realized you didn’t have a pen handy? Wouldn’t it be great if that person could just hand you their business card? Now your car can do the job for you. The BNI® Card Caddie is a simple, yet effective way to promote your business 24/7, and it has the capacity to hold an ample amount of standard sized cards in the inner compartment. The durable material, weather resistance, and easy unlocking tab ensures that your future customers can help themselves to your business card with ease. Best of all, it is branded with the official BNI® logo, which shows you are a member of the world’s largest business networking organization.

The BNI® Card Caddie can be directly attached directly to your car’s window, or to a special sturdy placard, which can be attached by simply placing the holder over the top of your window, and rolling it up! Using the placard enables you to move the BNI® Card Caddie to other vehicles in less than a minute. The BNI® Card Caddie can also be attached to your store’s front window. This will give your potential customers a personal touch, by getting YOUR card in THEIR hand. Approx. measurement: 4¼” H x 5¼” W Placard approx. measurement: 7½” H x 3¾” W Available colors: Black or White

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