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The 29% Solution
The 29% Solution

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It's not "net-SIT" or "net-EAT" - it's "net-WORK."

In many ways, success at networking is the uncommon application of common knowledge. Most people understand that networking is important to their success - they just lack a step-by-step process to get the results they want. Almost no one really implements a comprehensive methodology that will build a business through networking. Thus, the need to network is "common knowledge," and the development of the methodology required to be successful at it is the "uncommon application."
By reading this book, you will experience the true essence and meaning of networking. The 29% Solution gives you the answers to two conflicting questions that a business owner or salesperson faces every day: How can I tend to my existing clients while at the same time network for new business? and, Should I place higher value on my current clients or on new clients?

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